Join the WokChow Team

WokChow Fire Seared Asian is a locally owned and operated company, focused on providing great Asian food and service to its guests, while providing a rewarding work atmosphere.

Currently, we are seeking qualified applicants for several positions.   As our business grows, come grow with us.  Featuring competitive pay and flexible schedules, this might be the right fit for you.

Many of our employees have been here for years.   Those that fit in best are able to work well in a close team environment.   Being able to learn quickly and make fast decisions is a must.

To the right you will find our available job listings.

Line Cook    WokChow is looking to add one great line cook to our team.   Cooks should be able to move with a sense of urgency and take pride in your preparation.

*Pay depends on experience

Lunch or Dinner Cashier    (Currently Full) The cashier position is responsible for customer service, and all aspects of FOH operations.   This includes running food, bussing tables, and answering phones among other things.   The perfect candidate is friendly, and moves with a sense of urgency while juggling many tasks.   Time flies by when your here because of the volume of business.

*Pay depends on experience but is around $10 per hour.

Delivery Driver   The delivery driver position is responsible for customer service, and all aspects of the delivery of our Asian food.   This includes driving safely and providing great service to our guests.  While in the restaurant between deliveries you will be responsible for taking orders and assisting the cashiers.

WokChow does have a delivery vehicle that you will be able to use at times.

*Pay depends on experience but is typically starts at $7.50 and includes cash tips and an additional amount for each delivery you take in your vehicle..