Regular Delivery Range

Take-Out: Typically ready in less than 12 minutes, but during heavy volume can take as long as 15-20.

Delivery: Because of numerous variables regarding delivery, we can never guarantee a delivery time.  Our goal is to deliver within 45 minutes but it is not uncommon to take a little longer than an hour.   We never prepare your food until a delivery driver is ready, so rest assured no matter how long it takes, your food will be fresh!

Regular delivery is $2.50.  Some extended areas may be $3.

Sometimes we may edit this delivery range because of local events etc. that change traffic patterns

Catering Delivery Area

By the way the crow flies, we have the following fees

0-3 miles Free

3-6 miles $5

6-9 miles $10

9-12 miles $15

12-16 miles $25